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These pages are intended to be folks who ALREADY own BTs or who have owned them in the past. If you are just looking to purchase or rescue a BT, please search for a breeder or rescue representative, and feel free to come back when you are an owner :)

Please enter all appropriate information you wish to provide in the boxes. If you want to expand on any question or have any other problems or questions about specific questions, either email me or note it under Comments and we'll work it out. These questions are just guidelines, not hard and fast requirements.

Please read all questions carefully! I realize this questionnaire is quite long, but hopefully these will be meaningful questions to provide the best possible information for those folks seeking Border Terriers. If you have any other ideas or questions that could be added to the form to make it even more helpful, please email me.

Special thanks to Anita Moran for her friendship, her valuable guidance and her enthusiastic support of my web pages in the beginning when many people were very much afraid of it.


Which list do you want to be on?

Breeders should be self explanatory.
Owners are those people who are not currently active breeders, but who either own Borders and/or know a lot about them and are willing to chat with prospective owners about living with Borders.

If you are an active breeder, please don't check Owner since I am assuming that any breeder is willing to help prospective owners, whether they purchase from them or not. If you rarely breed, select Owner and note this in your listing. This part of the list is intended to be non-breeders.

If you aren't sure where you should go (or if you have any questions or problems), email me and we'll work something out.

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How many Borders have you owned?

YES NO Are you a Member of the Border Terrier Club of America?
If YES, approximately what year did you join? (YYYY)

If YES, Offices held (if any), or describe any club-related activities you have been involved in as more than just a member.

Do you have any Breed Club memberships other than the BTCA? If YES, please list them below, with any offices held or involvement in each, if applicable

If you are NOT a Breeder, you can skip to here unless some of the information is applicable. If so, just fill it in.

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Breeders (or anyone else :) your answers to the following questions will help prospective owners to make an informed decision about purchasing a Border Terrier. Please enter any information you feel that is relevant.


You may add any other information you wish to share in your listing below.

Border Champions you have bred?

Border Obedience Titles you have won

Border Agility Titles

Border Working Titles?

Do you send out information packets on request? Yes No
Do you offer placement contracts? Yes No
Do you offer spay/neuter agreements? Yes No
Do you OFA the hips of the dogs you breed? Yes No
Do you OFA the hearts of the dogs you breed? Yes No
Do you OFA the patellas of the dogs you breed? Yes No
Do you CERF the dogs you breed? Yes No

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How did you learn about these pages?

Please tell us a little about yourself, your kennel, your breeding philosopy, your Border(s), etc, whatever you'd like to share. Enter as much info as you like, the field will scroll.NOTE: This will be your actual listing so be as specific as you like! I do reserve the right to edit for spelling, etc., but most of what you enter here will go on the page exactly as you entered it.

COMMENTS: If you have any comments, you can leave them here. They will not be published on the page. Thanks!

I am a human, not a BT!! Prove it by entering the two words in the box below. If you cannot quite unravel it, there's a click on the right to load a different set of words that will hopefully be a little clearer, or you can click to HEAR it as well. I know it's an inconvenience, but this is to foil the nefarious form spammers :( CLICK HERE to learn why this is also helping to digitize old books! (Opens in new window)

PASSWORD: This is a maximum 25 character CaSe SeNsItIvE required field. Please do not use spaces--I will remove them when your record is saved. You will be required to enter this value if you want to change or delete your entry in the future. Please remember it!

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