This is searchtest2.asp which is a copy of the working db program from Packandassociates--The code here has NOT been changed, only the db was copied here and the rest of the html code stripped down

1Next is create ADO connection object
1a Worked--Next is create ADO connection object
2next is set active connection with dsn-less conn
2a Worked--next is set active connection with dsn-less conn
3next is create ado recordset
3a Worked- ado recordset created
4next is open the recordset - SELECT * FROM Info;
5a Worked-list is open
6 correctly not eof=
12 closing db now
13 connection closed

About the Company
  A full service Business Brokerage Firm since 1989, with special emphasis on middle market transactions in the manufacturing, distribution and service areas.
Geographic Area Served
  East Coast from Connecticut to North Carolina
Resumes of Key Personnel
  Leon Pack, the Principal, has a strong finance background with 16 years in manufacturing businesses. He held the positions of Division Controller, Vice President of Finance and President.
Additional Information
  The firm is especially strong in identification of qualified buyers and sellers, negotiations, and deal structuring. We do a business evaluation and create proposed deal structures for each client. The fee for any transaction is only paid by the client when the transaction closes. We develop a personal working relationship with each client, and advise our clients from start to closing.