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Borders! They get into the durndest things!


Borders on the Web

Some of the very best pages on the web are devoted to this marvelous breed. Additional links may be found on these pages. Please note that there have been many many pages devoted to Borders that have been developed since this page was originally started and this list is not intended to be a definitive list of personal pages, nor are these entries displayed in any significant order. I cannot guarantee the content or accuracy of any link shown.

(This is not a comprehensive list as noted, but if you have a BT site and would like to be included, email me. Also email me if you find any broken links.)

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I rated with the Internet Content Rating Association!



The Bad Dog Page
The Bad Dog Page
- If you think YOUR Border is 'bad', check out what other dogs (and other pets) have done!


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Come join the fun with the MSN Border Terrier Community! Contact Kathy Van Barriger, the chat owner, for information, or check out MSN Groups.

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Rhabdomyolysis Discussion Group at Yahoo Groups
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Not dog related, but my father had this condition due to the Baycol scandal. If you or someone you know has this also, please join the discussion. 


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Elaine, Poppie (2/18/89-12/13/04) and Rudy Pack



Please PLEASE do not email me for breeder recommendations or ANY other information on BT behavior issues of any kind as I am merely the list compiler. I AM NOT AN EXPERT ON BT'S AND I CANNOT HELP YOU!

Any information I have is STRICTLY from my own personal but LIMITED experience.

I apologize for the tone of this disclaimer, but unfortunately too many folks are still sending me emails asking for this kind of information, and I have to disappoint them. Hopefully the new format of this page will allow them to see this disclaimer before firing off an email to me.

Join the listserve(s) and contact someone there directly if you need more information.

These pages are neither official nor all inclusive. Inclusion on this database is an entirely voluntary decision by the individuals listed and is not intended as an endorsement of or by any individual, group or organization. Contact the individuals listed for specific information about their kennels, pups, pricing, breeding philosophies or any other questions you may have. I make no representations regarding accuracy, as all information has been provided by the listed individuals themselves.

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